Yeah, But I Can’t Have Fuddruckers at my Wedding…Or Can I?

In 2012, the average wedding cost almost $30,000. Catering accounts for a significant portion of this cost with many fancy-pants caterers charging prices starting at $30 a head all the way to $100 per guest. Wow, those guests better bring some really nice gifts and make it rain during the money dance.

More and more, newly married couples are opting to forego the huge bills associated with weddings in favor of more relaxed, simple, budget-friendly options. Who says you have to serve a four-course meal? After all, your guests aren’t attending for the food.

How To Please Everyone

There’s a reason it’s called catering. Nowadays, it seems like every time you try to feed a big group, you run into all kinds of preferences and dietary restrictions that you, as a host, feel you must cater to. You don’t want any of your guests to feel as though their needs were overlooked when you made a decision about food. You certainly don’t want to cause anyone to be sick or uncomfortable. If you’ve planned an event before, you know there is a lot to think about!

Spring time sports!! We feed them all!!

Spring time is just around the corner and that of course means sports! Little league, soft ball, basketball, soccer, you name it!!

But the one question a lot of coaches have is: How will I feed all these guys? Who will take a fun crowed like us?

Answer: Us!! Boom!! (mind blown)

What makes a good caterer?

Well besides the fact that we are awesome and we have the food and staff you love, we have put together a short list that you should always look for when it comes to hiring a caterer for your events.

  1. Cooking/Food!!
    Your caterer should be able to whip up some tasty dishes that all of your guests will love. The longer they have been successfully in business is also a great clue that they know what they are doing.

Hamburgers are more interesting then you thought

Hamburgers have been a favorite meal for years in America but have you ever taken the time to research hamburgers? Don’t worry we took the time for you and we were just as surprised as you will be.

Amazing facts we found:

Karen's Visit to Odessa Fudds


Special days in February that call for a party…and maybe some Fudd catering

If you are looking for a reason to throw a party or have a get together this month, we have a list for you! We searched and came up with a list of special days in February that call for a gathering…..and maybe some catering.

Ashley F. - Customer Testimonial


We made it!!! Thank you guys so much for bearing with us through all the last minute changes and the weather! You guys are the greatest! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the food and you guys FLEW people through those lines.

I hope your event tonight goes well! We will be in touch about Starburst and Allen Samuels soon. Have a great weekend and get some rest!

Thank you again!

Ashley Futris | Director of Sports and Special Events
Waco, Texas

Find a Reason to Party

If you haven’t already heard then here it is: Fuddruckers offers catering services! I’m sure you are thinking, “That is awesome! I really wish I had an excuse to throw a party so I could hire Fuddruckers to cater it!”

Well, there are many reason to have a party! Just choose one!

• Host a house warming party! There is nothing better than friends and family gathered around eating Fuddruckers.

• Host a graduation party! Honor a friend by celebrating their success!

• Host an 80’s party! If you grew up in the 80’s or even if you didn’t, 80’s parties are fun!

Time to Plan a Spring Party

Spring is on its way! So time to start planning a fun celebration for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

Spring flings are a great way to bring in the spring and to celebrate the warm weather, blooming flowers and beautiful colors. Don’t stress out too much! These parties are quite simple to plan. If you host the party outdoors then you don’t have to worry about decorations. Maybe just use a few streamers and balloons.

The most important part of your party is the food and the games! Here is a list of fun activities that are fun for the whole family of all ages:


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